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Order Via the cart or Venmo Class Fee to @Anthony-Torres-172  Provide email Address and Shirt Size in the notes. If Verification needed = 303.907.1629


Upon completion of the 2- day training session, Students will have an increased knowledge of Tactical Medical Techniques derived from TCCC (Tactical Combat Casualty Care) and how to implement these techniques in a critical life scenario's, to include Tourniquets, Massive Bleeding, Air Constrictions and more. A new mindset and skills will allow a practitioner to retain their Self Defense tool of choice, if a situation were to occur in close quarters combat as part of the Firearms Retention Training. Proper Conceal Carry options and delivery methods will be taught and drilled to ensure practitioners leave with all the skills and information to continue to train and hone their skills. The Firearm Mastery and fundamentals training will cover all the basics from Malfunction, Reloads, Multi target engagements and perfecting the draw.  Each day will begin with Fitness/Health Education, with focus on nutrition and training your body for a life threating encounter. Special guest speaker from USCCA (United States Conceal Carry Association) will introduce the importance of aftermath expectations.

Students MUST be able to demonstrate how to safely load, reload, fire, unload, clear malfunctions and perform a draw from holster. Students unable to meet and maintain our safety requirements and/or who cannot meet and immediately demonstrate the minimum skills required for the specific class will be removed from training. There is still time to develop the necessary skills for this course. Please contact Anthony to undertake a skills assessment. Email

Firearm of your choice, Iron sights and or Optic
Hard Cover OTW holster w/ 2 Magazine Min. No Serpa allowed. Mag holders preferred not mandatory.   Conceal Carry firearm with IWB holster. (Used only during Conceal Carry Training).
Eye and Electronic Ear Protection. Foam inserts for Dual Protection.
500 Rounds of Ammo for your caliber of firearm.
Range appropriate attire for all weather conditions, Bring your own Lawn Chair.

What is meaning of practitioners? one who practices, especially, one who practices a profession.

T3 Self Defensive Academy Aug 3-4 2024 (Read Description prior to order)

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